Unfortunately not all jewellery is suitable for wear 24/7. However following a few simple guidelines means you will get the most wear as possible out of your jewellery and will prolong the life of your Wade Taranto pieces.

In order to keep your pieces in as pristine condition as possible it is important that you are mindful of and try to avoid any impact to your jewellery. Any pressure placed upon your jewellery as well as extreme temperatures, chemicals and compounds can be damaging to the longevity of your jewellery.

Wade Taranto offer a complimentary cleaning service. Once every 12 months we will re-polish (and rhodium plate white gold) your Wade Taranto jewellery, while also checking for loose gemstones and tightening if necessary, as a complimentary service. If you notice your Wade Taranto jewellery becoming dull or a buildup of compound has accumulated in your item, please bring it in to our Sydney CBD workshop for ultrasonic cleaning. This service is also complimentary and can be used as often as you feel necessary.

To keep your jewellery sparkling while at home, place your jewellery in a plastic container filled with lukewarm water and a very small amount of dishwashing soap and leave to soak for a few minutes. Apply with very gentle motions, a very soft bristled toothbrush (a baby's toothbrush works well) to the item, being careful not to snag or scratch any parts of the item in the process. Rinse under lukewarm water making sure to thoroughly remove all traces of dishwashing soap and immediately pat dry with a lint free cotton cloth. Please note: it is best to rinse your item over a catching container to avoid losing any gemstones or diamonds that may become loose in the cleaning process.

Please refer to our Warranty information for further information relating to the upkeep of your Wade Taranto jewellery.

We encourage you to wear your Wade Taranto jewellery as often as possible, however there are certain occasions where we recommend you be mindful of the impact certain chemicals, task and activities can have on your jewellery. Please refer to the following guidelines to best care and promote the longevity of your W.Taranto jewellery.

  • Please store each item of jewellery separately. A soft fabric lined box/hard case is ideal to avoid scratching and knocks from other objects or jewellery.
  • Always remove your jewellery before using household chemicals and cleaners. Be sure to store your jewellery in safe place once it has been removed.
  • Avoid wearing your jewellery when undertaking strenuous physical activities that can damage items, including but not limited to; gardening, painting, gym and exercising.
  • Regularly check for loose gemstones and please stay in touch for professional checking by us every six to 12 months. This is a complimentary service. 
  • Avoid wearing your jewellery while sleeping.
  • Avoid wearing your jewellery while swimming and in spas and hot tubs. The chemicals and temperatures in these conditions can be harmful to your jewellery and damage certain gemstones.
  • Avoid wearing jewellery when cleaning dishes and cooking. This can be a sure way to scratch, dent and mark your jewellery as well as chip gemstones. 
  • Soap, haircare, hand and body creams/lotions etc can very quickly build up in your jewellery and is a quick way to dull or damage your metal and gemstones. Avoid wearing jewellery in these instances, however be sure to store your jewellery in a safe place whilst doing so.

Wade Taranto also offers pearl restringing. An indication if your pearls need to be restrung is by assessing the knots situated between each pearl. If they happen to be at all frayed or stretched, it time to restring your pearls. 

Gemstones and diamonds as well as the metal in all of your jewellery can be often be chipped, scratched and cracked if your item takes a hard knock or even light bump on certain areas of the item of stone.

All metals used in creating fine jewellery are malleable materials and as such require the above outlined care protocol to ensure longevity.