If you have jewellery that is in need of repair, or you would like to talk about the option of remodelling, we will happily look at any piece of jewellery no matter what its age or condition may be.

If you own or have recently inherited jewellery that doesn't necessarily suit your style, we can sit with you to discuss how best we can repair or remodel your jewellery.

Please book an appointment with us and bring it along to our Sydney showroom, we'd love to see it. We will give you experienced advise for the most fitting options based on your specific piece/s of jewellery.

Wade Taranto also offers pearl restringing. An indication if your pearls need to be restrung is by assessing the knots situated between each pearl. If they happen to be at all frayed or stretched, it time to restring your pearls.

Please note that we will give guidance as we see fit, on a case by case basis.